About Us

Tony Grasso got in the spa business by accident in 1980. While researching the best possible therapeutic spa to relieve his chronic back pain, he walked in a local spa showroom with a harried salesman struggling to handle the sudden crowd. Grasso jumped in and assisted by sharing his knowledge with the customers. “I was just helping people offering honest answers.” The salesman was so impressed, he paid Tony for his help and a new career selling spas was launched.

Grasso opened his first store in Gardnerville in 1982 and built the business with his honesty and integrity. Tony started Hot Spring Spas Lake Tahoe in 1989. The corporation continued to grow and expanded to Carson City in 1995. You can find Tony working hard at every aspect of his business. With a constant smile on his face, Tony goes the extra mile for his clients. He does whatever it takes to make you happy. You can even find him making deliveries, working in the warehouse and helping with installations.

Grasso has assembled a very high quality team of spa specialists to ensure your complete satisfaction. Tony and his expert staff like to educate their customers with all of the facts needed to make a good spa investment. Installation is prompt and professional.

Supreme customer service completes the sale. See the difference for yourself, Call or visit our store today.