Letter of Customer Satisfaction
In April of 2016, I purchase a used 2010 Prodigy Hot Springs Portable Spa from Tony Grasso at HOTSPRING PORTABLE SPAS in Carson City, NV. Yes, I bought it used; however, Tony Grasso and his amazing sales team provided me with the full background of the previous owner, did a complete clean up, run through of the entire system, had a salt water system installed, and my used spa appeared brand new! I was given a very reasonable price, with no “salesmen aggressiveness,” I was informed about all chemicals needed and how to care for the spa properly, the delivery and setup process was even easier!

The delivery crew adjusted to my schedule, ran into some bad weather that day, and still had my spa setup and ready to go. One thing that disappointed me was that the top colored lights on the spa were not working, and I was like, “oh don’t worry about it, it’s ok,” and the delivery person goes, “no, I am going to get these working for you.” And that he did! I am so happy that even in the bad weather he insisted that they should be working, because that is one of the best features about the spa; sitting in at night and having those colored lights flashing, and the amount of power the jets have of course!

In conclusion, buying a hot tub from Tony Grasso at HOTSPRING PORTABLE SPAS was one of the best investments I have ever made! This company is friendly, honest, and very reputable. Tony even informed me that when I wanted to upgrade, to come in and see him and he would discount future purchases. When I can afford one of the many other luxurious bells and whistles spas in the showroom, I am definitely returning to HOTSPRINGS PORTABLE SPAS. They will always have me as a customer and I am happy to recommend Tony Grasso, his crew, and company to anyone interested in purchasing a hot tub.

When my wife and I became interested in purchasing a hot tub we found we knew nothing about hot tubs. On doing research I discovered that Hot Spring Spas were one of the best hot tubs for the price and dependability. When my wife and I were ready to purchase a hot tub I called Tony Grasso. Tony gave us a good deal on a Classic which we purchased in 1990. After 25 years and many enjoyable hours in our Classic we decided to purchase a new hot tub. Over the years Tony and his team had provided great service the entire time.

In December 2015 our 25 year old hot tub started having problems with the main pump and parts were hard to get. We decided rather than spend more money on parts and labor it was better to replace and update our hot tub experience. We went for his new top of the line Jet Setter NXT Model. The NXT has all the bells and whistles my wife and I wanted. We felt the NXT Jet Setter was the best hot tub for the two of us. Perfect for our needs as we are older folks and want dependability and ease of use. The NXT is 240 volts so the water temperature is constant.

We want to thank Tony and his crew for the trust we have come to depend on over this long time. We highly recommend Hot Spring Spas.
Respectfully yours,
George & Carolyn Ramirez
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Thank you for fixing our spa so fast. I’m 75 years old, and when my surgery was done for my sclerosis, I was 70 years of age, I have 14 rods in my back that looks like a ladder. The surgery did not help but the spa has made me feel better each night after being in it. My husband is 78 and still does cement work around the house and all his gardening. The spa keeps him from getting stiff and sore. I have used the spa every night for 5 years and when I’m without it I feel very lost. I had major back surgery 5 years ago and that is the only way I can cope on a daily basis is using the spa for at least an hour each night before I go to bed. The jets that roll up and down my spine, make me feel so much better. Even my husband after working hard in the yard loves to sit in it to take the stiffness out of his muscles. Thank you again.

Thanks again
Helen Fanning
Minden, NV

Dear Tony,
We want to thank you for selling us our Tiger River hot tub. It has changed our life in so many wonderful ways

First. the kids actually like to spend time with us! We have discussed everything from the stars to the ocean, from school to summer vacation, from war to world peace. When “tubbing” we are guaranteed at least 20 minutes of one-on-one uninterrupted conversations.

Second. Paul and I are much more relaxed. After a long day, 30 minutes in the tub seems to put everything into perspective. Besides physically feeling good, we also feel mentally good (well as good as that can be considering…..).

Third. Nor more late nights in the office. By 9:00, the tub is calling. And once out of the tub, there is no ambition for work.

Fourth. Our children’s friends want to come to our house. This is a good thing, as I know what’s going on.

Fifth. Weekend mornings start off so much better when we have been “tubbing” first thing.

Sixth. We are enjoying our backyard so much more. We have grandiose ideas for summer projects.

So, Tony, as you can see, we have truly been enjoying our new tub. Every time we “tub” we both agree it was the best thing we have purchased in a very long time.

You were wonderful too. From the time we decided what we wanted, you did everything you could to make us happy. Your quick responses, ideas, hints, referrals and staff made everything as smooth as silk (except for when Paul had to climb under the house to wire!! — yes we could have hired an electrician). We appreciate all you did, and we know you will be there when we need advise.
Thank you again, and we will refer you to anyone looking for the perfect tub.


Ellen and Paul Camacho

Dear Mr. Grasso,

I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful hot tub. It is truly an amazing benefit to all of my family. From the day it arrived we have been using it very frequently. I did not think that a tub plugged into a 110 outlet would be good enough to heat up the water to the right temperature that I liked. Boy was I wrong! The water is perfect and I can turn it up even hotter than I can handle.

I feel that I am starting to get a good night sleep for the first time in many years. It is truly a “Heavenly Experience” for me every night before I go to bed. I am so relaxed when I get into bed. I think that I am asleep before my head hits the pillow. As you can see from the picture below, it also has been a great place for our family to get together and talk about the past days events. That is not an easy thing to do when you have teenagers. How about that view! This has also been of benefit to my wife Debbie who suffers from Mulitple Sclerosis. The warm water really allows her muscles to relax and that contributes to her having a lot of good days. She loves it too!

Thanks again for your great assistance with everything. You can bet the Heidt family will refer everyone we know to you. Have a great day.


Mark Heidt

Dear Mr. Grasso,

My husband and I would like to thank you for all of your help with the purchase of our new Hotspring portable Spa. From the time we met in your showroom to the time our spa was installed, your sales and service team was knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Your staff went out of their way to insure that we purchased the right spa for our wants and needs. Your service team was timely, and went the extra mile to ensure that we were comfortable with the spa’s functions and maintenance (which is minimal). They insured us that they were only a phone call away if we should ever need them.

We love our spa and continue to use it at least four to five times per week. We are not sure how we ever lived without it. We are pleasantly surprised that our toddler loves the spa as much as we do. It is an activity that we do together and equally enjoy!

The greatest compliment that we can give, however, is that our spa is energy efficient and quiet. Since the spa lies outside of our bedroom door, we were concerned about noise and, during a time when fuel bills are through the roof, we feared how a spa would affect our electric bill. Your spas are of such high quality that both of these concerns are obsolete. Our spa is quieter than our bedroom clock and the increase of our electric bill has been insignificant.

Thank you for taking such exceptional care of us. We love our spa and recommend Hot Springs Spas to anyone who appreciates quality workmanship and expertise with customer service.


Cary and Carrie Richardson

Dear Tony,

Eric I am writing to let you and your future customers know how happy I have been with your product and service over the years.

We purchased our first Hot Springs Sumatran spa in the sping of ’01. Your people delivered the spa to the location specified, hooked it up and explained now to use and maintain it. Two years later we moved and you offered to move the spa for us and set it up at our new home. We explained that the buyers wanted to keep it and since I use it almost nightly and were so happy with the reliability and energy efficiency, we decided to buy another Sumatran which at our new home had to be craned onto a second floor deck which your people were very helpful with.

I have always had excellent service in the store. I would absolutely recommend your products and services to anyone looking for reliability and customer service. I intend to purchase chemicals and possibly another spa if the need arises.

Thanks again
Mark Kaminsky
General Manager
Carson Country Construction LLC